St. Lawrence River Originals


Ethereal River
Original watercolor - Pullman Island. Call for price
Like a Cloud
Original - 9" x14" $5500 - Includes framing
Slipping Into the Narrows
Original watercolor
Siberians  SOLD
Welcome Island Sunset WEB
50th Commemorative painting $15000
First Light at Boldt Castle
Tug on the St. Lawrence
Quiet River
Original watercolor 10" x 16"
Morning Swim at St. Helena   SOLD
Island Life shows is a scene painted from St. Helens Island, at the mouth of Swan Bay just below the Thousand Island Bridge. The family at St. Helena enjoy a morning together swimming, and talking, and enjoying the river and each other.  Pretty typical Island Life on the St. Lawrence River, that we can all relate to! Image size is 12.85" x 20" SOLD
Island Morning
Morning Swim is a pretty typical scene on the St. Lawrence River that could be one of many places on the river. From Brockville, downriver to Cape Vincent at the mouth of the St. Lawrence, this can be seen on almost any summer morning.   The original watercolor image size is 12.75" x 20" - it is painted on 350lb, rough texture, French made D'Arches, watercolor paper.   2018
TI Pavilion Morning
Crusing Past Rock Island Light
Crossover Morning
Through the Needle's Eye WEB_edited
Tucked In - Club Island
Coming Rain
Island Pines
Stormfront Over Calumet 10 x 14
Crossover Light
Back Bay by Starlight
This is a scene on Otter Creek, a tributary to the St. Lawrence River in Aleaxandria Bay. It is surprising how just star light, on a clear night, can illuminate the landscape.
oil / linen 20" x 24" - $12,000
Along the Highway
watercolor - image size10" x 16" I was walking along Rt.# 12 at dusk when I heard the sanding truck coming. As it went through the rock cut the flashing lights lit up the immediate air surrounding them creating this soft warm ball of light reflecting in the mist. $6,500
Entering the Crossover
acrylic / panel, image 20" x 30" When ships approach Crossover Lighthouse going downriver they must turn hard to port to saty within the channel markers and not run aground. This ship, the Canadian Navigator, has just made his port turn toward the lighthouse.
acrylic / panel - image size 18" x 26" This is a classic triple cockpit Hacker-Craft built originally on Lake George in the Adirondacks. Hacker's are very popular on the St. Lawrence River with antique boat enthusiasts.
Hugging the Shoreline
In the early morning soup, when the fog is heavy, we often hear, and sometimes see, boats cruising slowly along the shoreline to navigate where they are going.
oil / linen - $6,500
West Bank
These trees are on the west side of Douglas Is. in the Summerland Group. The last warm light of the sunset washes the branches with orange light and the cool blues of night envelop the tree trunks and land.
oil / linen 12" x 28"
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